Questions & Answers

1. Why should my child visit Japan?
Visiting a foreign country, not just Japan, is a great way to experience, learn and appreciate another culture. The long term impact of such a trip is vast and endless. Japan is one of the leading nations in technological advancement, yet it manages to hold onto most of its conservative

Japanese food - egg and traditional values. Traveling to Japan will not only expose your child to the country’s multifaceted culture but also help them gain deeper insight into their own.

2. When will we receive the final flight information? Where will we leave from (i.e. what airport, etc.)?
Flight information should be received about ninety days in advance. We will leave from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Further information regarding the departure will be e-mailed at a later date.

3. Will there chaperones?
Yes, there are chaperones. For every five participants, there will be one chaperone.

4. In the past, how many people have gone on this trip?
The number of people varies each year. We have had as many as twelve and as few as two go to Japan with us.

5. Will parents be able to participate? If so, is it possible to room with my child(ren)?
Parents may come. Please be aware that if you choose to room with your child(ren), there may be an additional charge depending on the location and type of the hotel. Usually, there is an additional $35 fee per night.

6. Are there a minimum number of people required for the trip? Will the trip be canceled if the quota is not met?
The trip being cancelled depends on the leader regardless of how people signed up. In this case, it would be up Ms. Hazen.

7. If Ms. Hazen is unable to do it, will there a substitute such as another teacher?
Yes, there will be someone to lead the group if Ms. Hazen is unable to go.

8. If the trip is canceled by the school, what happens to the travel and the insurance plan? What if my child is a senior when it’s canceled? Will s/he be able to transfer the payment towards the next trip’s fee?
If the trip is cancelled by the school, the money can be used to cover the cost for the next trip. This also applies to seniors. If they can’t go on the tour next year, our normal cancellation policies would apply. Please check http://www.Explorica/Hazen-8665 for further information.

9. If I decide to cancel after registering for the trip, what are the nonrefundable parts?
The nonrefundable parts include the $99 down payment and the travel protection plan if you have already purchase it. Others are based on the time of your cancelation. Please check http://www.Explorica/Hazen-8665 for further details.

Japan Ryokan Hotel10. What is the ryokan?
The ryokan is a Japanese style hotel. While it is similar to a Western hotel, there are some differences. For example, there will be futons on tatami (straw) mats instead of beds.

11. Is the airport’s security stricter in Japan?
Japan’s airport security is more lenient compared to the ones in America. There should no trouble in entering and exiting the country.

12. When and where can I exchange U.S. dollars to Japanese yen?
It is recommended to exchange the currency before the trip at any major bank like Wells Fargo or Bank of America. Not every store in Japan accepts credit cards, so please carry some cash in case of emergency. Please also note that you can use your ATM cards in Japan.

13. Will we know the exact dates for the itinerary? Is it possible that the dates will change?
We will know the exact dates around ninety days before departure. The dates may change, but there will only be a 2-3 days difference with the original planned schedule.

14. Are there discounts for the trip’s fee? If so, when will the end? Will the tour’s price increase over time?
Yes, there are discounts available, but they vary from month to month. The current discount, which is $100 off the trip’s fee, ends on September 30th. The price will vary depending on the month.

15. Do the students keep the passports while on the trip, or is Ms. Hazen in charge of them? The students are responsible for their own passports. However, please give Ms. Hazen a copy of the passport’s picture page as well as two extra passport pictures.

16. What if I lose my passport during the trip? Who will pay for the new one?
If you buy the trip’s insurance plan, then the plan will cover the cost. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost yourself.

17. Will I be able to use my cell-phone overseas? Should I upgrade my plan?
Please talk to your cell-phone provider regarding the use of cell-phone oversea. It is recommended to simply use Wi-Fi and programs such as Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp to avoid unknown overcharges.

18. How much should I tip my guide?
It is usually a group decision depending on the quality of the service received.

19. How much money should I bring for souvenirs?
It depends on your budget. Some will spend all their money before the trip ends, so it is recommended to have about $30/day budget for starters.

20. What happens if I get sick during the trip?
A chaperone will stay behind to make sure you will be cared for.

21. What food options are available for pre-paid meals?
Breakfast and dinner are commonly served as buffet style.

22. Will parents automatically be considered as chaperones?
No, there are set chaperones that have been selected prior to the trip.

23. Will I be able to use tax credits to cover the trip’s cost?
Yes, you can use tax credits. Please fill out the attached form included in this e-mail and give this form along with the check to your school’s Japanese teacher.

24. If I fly to Japan on my own, will I be able to join the tour in Tokyo?
There is a land only plan packet available. Explorica travel agency suggests holding off on booking a personal travel ticket until the group’s plans are finalized. Please contact Explorica travel agency for further information. Their number is (888) 310-7121.

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