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Chilling out in the Tokyo heat wave

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We set our agenda for Japan: No rushing about; no long days of sightseeing; no pursuing the best dining in the best restaurants. What we needed more than anything was to chill out and relax after a hectic last month of preparations for this trip.

Every morning, we spread the map out and plotted a walk.  Walks restore us.  Our first stroll took us to Shinjuku Gyoen Garden,  a large park combining several themed gardens as well as a large greenhouse for tropical plants.





“Muggy” described the day, very warm with stifling humidity.  A few hours in this large park of gardens meant that we were able to concentrate only on its traditional Japanese gardens and the greenhouse.  After those, we collapsed onto benches by the French formal garden and enjoyed the view before acknowledging the heat had done us in.  We slowly made our way home.

Shinjuku Gyoen…

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There’s a Sailor Moon in my Coffee! Photos and Tips From a Japanese Manga Latte Artist



Latte art, created with a skilled pour of steamed milk and some clever manoeuvres, has been mesmerising coffee lovers for well over a decade. While the most common creations are heart and leaf designs in different shades of mocha, here in Japan we’ve spotted 10 hot, candy-coloured manga characters, of the Sailor Moon variety! We fell in love with these designs and needed to know how the pretty guardians and their pals came to life in coffee form. And, more importantly, whether it’s something we can do at home. Mouths watering and hearts fluttering, we asked the artist directly to find out.

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Unique plates to entertain your guests, hide your culinary fails



If you’re like me, cooking is less an art form and more a begrudging chore that you participate in purely out the need not to starve. Which is my clever way of saying that I am the exact opposite of “good at cooking.” But let’s be honest, normally it isn’t a big deal–that’s what 7-11 is for! But maybe you have a special someone coming over and you’d like to impress him or her with your hospitality. You might be tempted to order take-out, but nothing’s quite as impressive as a home-cooked meal, right?

So what’s a kitchen dunce to do? Just keep ’em dazzled and distracted with these unique and arty plates!

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Japan day! No, for real…it was like going to Japan but in Bellevue…

MK Barr Journal

It was such a wonderful surprise to find out that the Aki Mistsuri day at Bellevue Community College was great!  Our expectations were a little low (sorry) but again, I can’t recommend going highly enough!  I want to get a Kimono now so I can wear one there…a LOT of people were wearing one.

They spread it out through most of the campus and had little lanterns up inside with each building having seminars, exhibitions, martial art shows, games and sale tables.  It really was like going to Japan for the day.   I got to meet Enfu and there was an adorable cos-player that let me take her picture.  Mark your calenders for next year, it’s WELL worth the wait and the trip!

We finished off the evening by going to the International District’s Moon Night Market and festival.  I’m sorry to say that I wish we would have…

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Baskets of Autumn Flowers – Japan

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Flower Girl - Shikishi Board 2009 WatermarkJapanese brush painting on Shikishi Board.  Autumn is here !


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Weird Japan (35): Killing With A Smile?



Another picture for Quizoxy!

Japan is the safest country in the world, but it also produces the best knives and swords in the world, too!
Advertising such a business with a smiling (with a vampire tooth jutting out) manga girl is both novel and disquieting! LOL


It is actually the sign of the oldest knives and cutlery shop in Shizuoka City!


Shop with Intent by Debbie
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Attack on Titan’s author causes a stir with his less-than-stellar sketches



On September 1, fans flocked to the Utsunomiya branch of Animate to attend an autograph event for Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan‘s author, Hajime Isayama. During his Shinkansen train ride to Tochigi Prefecture, the artist doodled up some ideas for pictures to draw along with his signature when meeting with his fans. He took a snapshot that quickly spread through the Twittersphere of what everyone assumed would be a superb work of art…

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The old-timey treat that’s back in style thanks to Hayao Miyazaki


Siberia Koeti BakerySiberia is a sweet bun, also known as kashi-pan, that has been made since the Meiji era (1868 – 1912) in Japan. The once popular dessert had fallen out of style, as hundred-year-old dishes generally tend to do, but thanks to its inclusion in Hayao Miyazaki’s final animated feature, The Wind Rises, Siberia has seen a rapid rise in popularity. Let’s take a closer look at this once-forgotten old-fashioned bread.

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You’re probably not as genki as this old lady!



How limber are you? If you’re like me and you sit in an office chair all day hunched over a computer, you’re probably not too flexible. But, you know, that’s what happens with age, right? You start getting older and all of a sudden your body just goes kaput. I mean, it’s not like there are old women doing sideways somersaults and throwing their legs over their heads with reckless abandon, right?

Oh, wait, of course there are!

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