Cooking Class

Japanese Cuisine

The words simplicity and sophistication define Japanese cooking best. There are no complex sauces to distract from the key ingredients and those perfect ingredients are Japan food tonkatsuJapan Food Miso Soup Broccoli Shrimp Tofuexquisitely prepared.  Japanese cuisine is the most Westernize of the Asian Collection; however rice, tofu, seafood, vegetables, meat and noodles remain as the most important ingredients today. Our artistic menu features: Miso Soup with Shrimp and Fried Tofu, Chicken Yakitori, Pork Tonkatsu, Daikon Salad, and Orange Kanten Jelly plus a several more. Class starts with Green Tea, Vegetable Sushi and Gyoza and ends with the enjoyable meal we prepared in class.

Hosted by: Skipping Stars Cuisines, which is devoted to ethnic and contemporary home cooked meal. The hands-on tasting series is hosted by food & consumer affairs writer, test kitchen manager, radio show journalist, certified kitchen Manager, cookbook author and culinary instructor: Pam Jackson

Cost: $25.00 for supplies

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